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This page features a variety of essays written in response to the claims and teachings of the Israel Only movement:

Leaders of Israel Who Opposed “Israel Only” (10+ Examples) – by Adam Maarschalk

A Study of Firstfruits in the Old and New Testaments – by Adam Maarschalk

East (10 Northern Tribes) and West (Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles) – by Adam Maarschalk

“Babel and Pentecost: God Re-Inherits the Nations” by Michael Heiserby Adam Maarschalk

The Big Picture of God’s Long-Term Plan to Bless All Nations in Christ – by Adam Maarschalk

Israel Only: Valid or Not? (Part 1) – by Solomon Chikwe

Israel Only: Valid or Not? (Part 2) – by Solomon Chikwe

Israel Only: Valide or Not? (Part 3) – by Solomon Chikwe

Transcript of Jason DeCosta Admitting that Non-Israelites Joined Israel

Tim Martin – The Promised Land of Lot

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